Long Term Care for Individuals

Long term care should be part of every financial planning portfolio. The older one gets, the more important it is to recognize the need to plan for a longer lifetime, future comforts and the care of loved ones. Long term care insurance provides options allowing you to stay at home as long as possible. Knowing that you will be properly protected lets you to maintain your dignity, bringing peace of mind to you and your family.

At CHOICES For Long Term Care Insurance:

  • We specialize in long term care planning.
  • As independent brokers, we work on your behalf with all major carriers
  • We assist you in understanding how plans differ and what benefits that would be provided should you ever need care.
  • We help you choose the coverage that will best meet both your needs and budget.

Long term care is the type of assistance you would need if you were unable to handle some of the basic activities of daily living (like bathing or dressing) or if you require substantial supervision due to a cognitive impairment. Without planning and protection, you risk losing your lifetime savings and assets to pay for the rising costs of long term care.

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