Long Term Care for Business

Long term care insurance (LTCI) works as a way for businesses to attract and retain top talent, enhance productivity and contain costs.

  • The needs of today’s workforce have changed.
  • Employees needing to care for older family members is an added responsibility.
  • There are significant tax advantages to businesses offering LTCI
  • Long-term care is different from medical care.
  • LTCI is a simple solution to a growing business concern.
  • LTCI has become an integral part of employee benefit packages.

Long-term care impacts businesses and employees.

For employers, the tax advantage of offering employees group long-term care insurance is just one among many attractive features of this benefit.  Group LTCI is considered a sound strategy for recruiting and retaining the best talent, while containing costs and enhancing employee productivity.

To employees, in addition to tax advantages, group coverage may include simplified health underwriting and potential discounts.


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